TOCH – Chapter 57

When Fang Chixia came back a few minutes later, Luo Yibei was on the phone.

She didn’t know what the man on the other end of the line had said but he stood up intending to go out.

“Are you not going to eat?” Fang Chixia asked.

“En.” Lou Yibei answered indifferently. He took his coat and walked out of the door without even looking at the food in her hand.

“Yibei Brother, wait for me!” Ji Ai quickly moved, her small figure seemed happy to chase after him.

Fang Chixia gazed down at the plates on her hands and then at the empty table. She felt a little exasperated.

He made things difficult for her and after she made the thing he asked for, he actually went out!

He was so pure-hearted!

Fang Chixia was infuriated but since Luo Yibei wasn’t there, she was actually quite happy.

As soon as he was gone, she needn’t guard herself against him at all times similar to someone who is ready for war.

At this thought, Fang Chixia sat on her own seat to enjoy her own lunch. Who knew, Ji Ai came running back.

Fang Chixia was startled to see her, “What’s the matter?”

“You, come with us!” Ji Ai pointed at her to explain and turned away again.

“Eating a meal is really not easy!” Fang Chixia was unsure if that demand was from Luo Yibei. She wavered a bit but she still put down the plates and followed.

When she got to the front of the car, Luo Yibei was leaning lazily at the door, waiting for her.

Their eyes met briefly. She wanted to sit at the back seat but Ji Ai dragged Luo Yibei first and sat down. “Yibei, accompany me behind. Let her drive!”

Fang Chixia’s back stiffened and her chest suddenly felt constricted.

Did she really think she was a servant?

She said it herself and Ji Ai wasn’t able to discern the clues. She also didn’t really look at her.

To Ji Ai, this woman was at best a little too beautiful.

A beautiful maid. It was very natural for her to understand that Fang Chixia entered the villa with the ulterior motive of seducing Luo Yibei.

What kind of person is Lou Yibei?

How could a man as noble as a king, the sole heir of the house of Luo, be coveted by such a wicked woman?

Therefore, Ji Ai felt necessary to take these two people apart at all times. She would not let Fang Chixia succeed!

Fang Chixia stood outside the car. Going in was a no and turning around was also a no.

If she turned her head away now, after coming back tonight, would her waist be torn by him till tomorrow?

Her heart clumped tight. She hesitated for a while then finally sat down.

In fact, sitting in front was nothing as long as those two sat apart.

“Where to?” Fang Chixia took solace in herself and slowly started the car.

“Ji House.” Ji Ai answered back and gave her the specific address.

The sports car drove out of the villa bypassing the sea where the two lived and away to the suburbs.
“Yibei, how long have you not been to my house?”

“Dad is sure to be very happy to see you!”

“Yibei, help me tidy up my hair behind.”

“The zipper on my back is not working.”

“Yibei, where are you looking?”

The little girl talked non-stop after they left the villa.

She was the only one talking in the car, chattering like a little sparrow.

Having said a lot but getting little reaction from Luo Yibei, Ji Ai suddenly ventured towards him and pounced —



4 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 57”

  1. If this is his way of trying to make her jealous, then he is failing miserably lol. And what Fang Chixia doesn’t realize is that even if she does comply with him, it’s likely that her waist will still be hurting tonight. Poor girl lol

    Thanks for the chapter~


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