Chapter 3: Pure

She lifted her finger to rub her eyes, and then found her fingers almost too soft to lift.

Is this the side effect of drinking?

Later, she promised never to drink again. Drinking was really no fun.

Opening her stinging eyes, she narrowed them to look around. The sight of the unfamiliar room prompted her to close her eyes with the intention of taking another nap for a while, suddenly her eyes flung open.

Where is this?

A good friend Ye Qiao, who was brokenhearted, pulled her out for a drink. She only remembers that at first she comforted the crestfallen Ye Qiao. Later, it changed into two girls scolding men for having done nothing good.

Ye Qiao scolded her boyfriend and she scolded her husband Mu Tianye. Then they decided to go on a date together, blast, and then…

Ning Xiaofei looked around again, looked from the ceiling to the window with the cheap screen, and fell back to the big bed where she was asleep. She noticed a familiar white dress on the side of the bed. She squinted doubtfully, and reflected that it was her own, and immediately screamed as she uncovered the quilt.

Grey sheets, two long legs, white thighs covered with pale cyan marks, some like bite marks, some like kiss marks, and others look like… palm prints?!

Ning Xiaofei surveyed her two miserable legs and immediately a burst out of indignation.

How long has this person not touched a woman, she’s not about to change, is she?!

By this time, Ning Xiaofei reacted — she really had a date, and the dark red blood on the sheets was clearly saying that her virginity was taken.

It’s over!

With her hands in her hair, Ning Xiaofei grasped her scalp with force.

What now?

After she and Mu Tianye got their license, they haven’t slept together. On the day of their marriage, he was abroad for business. The photos on their marriage certificate was computer-synthesized.

At that time, he also asked his assistant to read her his rules – Do not touch him, don’t like him and don’t get into his bed.

He had not appeared the whole month after their marriage and she had lived alone in the villa which he had given her and had been left quite content at home.

But in any case, the man is her legal man. If one day he had the whim to consummate their marriage, then found that it wasn’t her first time, how was she going to confess?

When the two families were negotiating, Mu Tianye especially set a requirement before he okayed. He loved to be clean, therefore…. to get it done, she should be pure.

If it weren’t for this condition, why would she, Ning Xiaofei whose status in the family was at the bottom be ranked first, where would such a good turn get to her?

By any means, she needed to get out there first and think again.

A belligerent hangover was gathering strength in her head, so Ning Xiaofei also couldn’t come up with any good way. Trembling as she endured the pain, she put on the clothes she got on the bed then pulled up the hoodie to cover her head. She imitated a thief escaping all the way out from the hotel, stopped a taxi then jumped in.

When she told the driver the address, she suddenly bounced back. She forgot to ask who booked the room.

Forget it, anyway, it was only a 419. She also didn’t want to relive the old dream. Drooping her face to look at her weak legs, she unconsciously stiffened. This kind of state, in this life, she never want to come across again.

419 – kind of sounds like “for one night” hence in Chinese internet slang “419” means one night stand

Speaking of which, she didn’t know if the guy had done any protective measures. She’s not going to catch any infectious diseases, is she?

She pressed her hand against her sore head, but she could not recall the face of the man yesterday.

The phone rang up in her pocket. The sudden shrill ringing tone gave Ning Xiaofei quite a fright.





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