TOCH – Chapter 54

Can’t believe his heavy taste

“No grievances, no grievances. I’m good at home. You don’t have to care about me!” Fang Chixia explained in a row as she held his hands to stop him from packing.

“Is that so?” said the man as the tip of his fingers tapped his knees considering it.

“En!” Fang Chixia boldly moved forward looking a hundred thousand sincere.

She thought she had persuaded him  but after being silent for a moment, the words he uttered were, “Then we will spend the month at home!”

Fang Chixia felt like a flock of crows has flown overhead. It didn’t seem right but she suddenly didn’t know how to argue.

“Change your clothes!” After a brief indecent glance at her body, Luo Yibei’s face returned to its usual look of indifference.

It felt like those words had not come from his own mouth.

“Where are we going?” Fang Chixia, still terrified of honeymoons, casually asked.

“Didn’t’ you want to go out?” Luo Yibei spoke to her as he leaned against the side of the closet. He placed one arm on her side and the other played with the shoulder strap of her dress. “Or do you prefer me to help you?”

His tone was light, with a bit of anger, a bit sloppy, but languid.

Fang Chixia was a head shorter that him. Now that she was against him, it projected a picture of a beautiful girl being molested on the street.

“I’ll do it myself. Go outside and wait for me!” In her mind, it didn’t matter where they’ll go, she’ll change her clothes first. She placed her hands on his chest and pushed him away.

Luo Yibei was satisfied with her cooperation. He was ready to let go of her body when downstairs, a crisp call suddenly came, “Yibei, brother, are you there?”

The sudden voice made both of them freeze.

Luo Yibei’s brow couldn’t help but wrinkle. Out of curiosity, Fang Chixia peeped out of his shoulder and stared at the door.

Outside the corridor, a sound of footsteps was heading their way.

Under her gaze, a delicate doll-face appeared in front of them.

Four eyes clashed on opposite ends which startled Fang Chixia.

Ji Ai obviously didn’t expect to run into a woman here let alone chance on an intimate posture.

Look, where is she putting her hands?

“Let him go!” Ji Ai has a little girl’s temper. Seeing the man who she has considered hers for so long now being close to other women, she took several steps forward and broke the two people apart.

Fang Chixia at this time was  worried about how to get rid of Luo Yibei. But with Ji Ai’s appearance, the atmosphere between the two was broken.

Not needing her push, she took the initiative to stand a mile away.

She maintained her composure as Ji Ai stared at her like the woman who wrestled her man away. She looked at Yibei and couldn’t help sighing in her heart.

He really has heavy taste. His harem has actually grown to such that even a tender girl wasn’t let off.

 “Who is she?” Ji Ai pointed at her while looking at Luo Yibei pitifully.

Luo Yibei didn’t answer but turned his eyes on Fang Chixia.

He would rather hear her answer to this question.

Fang Chixia didn’t want to involve herself in his interpersonal circle, so without any thought, she blurted, “I am just a maid for this family. You two don’t mind me. I will go out now.”

After answering her question, she headed out of the room without looking back.



4 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 54”

  1. Yibei needs to clean up his relationships with others. But, because the relationship with is wife is a secret it probably won’t get exposed for some time.


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