TOCH – Chapter 53

She was such in a hurry that she didn’t have her clothes properly on, let alone look at the way.

With the sudden collision, Fang Chixia’s nose was hit and hurt. She hummed in pain, “Ah ~”

Her voice was originally pleasant to the ears. When she uttered the word delicately with her little mouth, it turned out a thousand times softer, like when she murmurs beneath him every night.

Looking at her dress now, the clothes were in a mess with her fragrant shoulders half exposed. Luo Yibei’s eyes turned dark and his thoughts turned incautiously crooked again.

He had always done what he wanted to do.

So, not waiting for Fang Chixia to react, his arms snaked around her waist, hugged her and headed for the big bed behind her.

“Lou Yibei, what are you doing?” Fang Chixia didn’t understand what was happening. Her small hands propped on his chest, pushing and resisting, but he dragged her arms to his shoulders and held her back down on the bed.

His fingertips tilted her pretty little chin up, and his lips pried and kissed her lips.

“I still have to go and apply later. I don’t want to do this!” Fang Chixia placed a hand in between them and tried to reason with him.

“Today is Sunday, where are you going to apply?” Lou Yibei dismissed her hand, and closed in to kiss her again.

“Sunday?” Fang Chixia was stunned.

Yes, she was so tired last night that she forgot all about it.

While she was lost in thought, the man’s hand on her body became unruly, and tried to pull off her clothes.

“Luo Yibei, don’t!” Fang Chixia quickly reacted in agitation and nimbly held his rowdy hands off.

“Stop that!” Two hands clasped his hand and with her eyes on his, she said something softly. “We haven’t even had a honeymoon since our marriage. How about we go outside today?”

The point of Fang Chixia was actually on the second half of the sentence, outside.

However, on hearing this, Luo Yibei’s appetite vanished.

He automatically filtered out the first half and his good looking brows knitted, “Want to have a honeymoon?”

“I mean, just today!” Knowing that her meaning was twisted askew, Fang Chixia corrected him.

“How can a day be called a honeymoon? Shouldn’t the so-called month be a month before it’s called a month?” It was clearly a joke but he said it so seriously.

Fang Chixia was stumped for words by his unexpected retort.

Luo Yibei leaned over, his petal-like lips pecked on her attractive ones. His face slowly lifted up and he leisurely said, “Since you are looking forward to it, I won’t be reluctant to accompany you!”

He loosened her body and got up from the bed. He appeared like he’s going to pack up.

Fang Chixia looked at his movements and crawled out of the bed in a messy way.

“I don’t mean this. What I meant was, today, we can go outside, go shopping and stuff like that on our honeymoon, not stay at home!” She followed him and anxiously hurried to explain.


If they were to really go out for a month, would her waist still be intact when they come back?

“Really?” Luo Yibei casually sorted out his things and didn’t much as glance at her.

“Aren’t you busy every day? Isn’t there a lot going on in the company? Is it okay for you to go like this?” Fang Chixia leaned in front of him and changed her tune.

“But, if we don’t have a honeymoon, you’ll have more grievances!” She didn’t know of Luo Yibei was joking or serious.



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