TOCH – Chapter 52

I’m honored to be your wife

Fang Chixia was rendered speechless for a while. Against her will, she forced a smile, “I’m honored to be your wife.”

“Is that so?” His eyes swept over her face again and his eyes reflected a hint of ridicule.

“Yes.” The smile on Fang Chixia’s face was growing stiff.

Will she become paralyzed if she goes on like this?

She could hardly bear it any longer but she still kept her eyes on him.

Her eyes were bright as they looked at him, as though covered in mists. They were a little disordered, like that of a little nervous animal. It was very adorable.

She was born very beautiful. If a girl like her with such eyes were to plead with a man, he’s afraid, few people could hold on.

Now that she had such a look, Luo Yibei could almost feel compassion in his heart.

However, at the thought of her impure motives for marrying him, there was not much pity left as he waved any trace of it aside.

What is there to pity for a woman who for her own sake, was shameless and even capable of proposing marriage on her own initiative?

At the thought of this, the devil in Luo Yibei’s body began to behave badly.

He wanted to crush her in his arms, wanted to find a way to hear her plead with him one after another for relief, wanted to hear her cry and try to suppress her voice every night, he wanted more….

“Since you know your identity, it’s time to fulfill your wife’s obligations!” He picked her up and carried her as he strode to the bathroom.

Fang Chixia said so many things against her will in hopes of avoiding continuing tonight.

She just had done so much, but she did not think it would still be difficult to escape his claws. She felt a moment of urgency.

“Luo Yibei, you’re not human!” She pushed him twice, trying to shrink to the ground, but, he hugged her into the bathtub. Her loss of balance fell heavily against his, into the headrest of the bathtub.

He held her pretty hard, like an iron fist making Fang Chixia unable to move.

She couldn’t push and couldn’t hide. She didn’t continue doing useless work and softly spoke to him instead. “I have to get up early tomorrow. Don’t you have to go to work too? Not that long tonight, okay?”

“Tomorrow’s business will be discussed tomorrow.” Luo Yibei didn’t give any leeway and his hands pulled her clothes down….

In the nest of his arms, from body to her heart, Fang Chixia trembled.

One night, it wasn’t clear how long after, the noisy bathroom, finally slowly calmed down.

When Fang Chixia fell into the enemy’s hands time and time again, in her dazed mind, she thought that if he doesn’t show any temperance the next time, she would rise up and resist!

Both of them slept very late last night but Fang Chixia planned to get up early the next day.

The result, when she woke up, it was already past noon.

The warm sunshine spilled quietly from the window, like a beating note, the mottled light and shadows leaped on the floor.

The room was so quiet that she could almost hear the beating of the sun.

The breeze blew gently swaying the fringes on the curtains. The fresh air scattered all over the beautiful scenery in the room, and also sobered Fang Chixia a lot.

Luo Yibei seemed to be absent. She was the only one in the room.

Fang Chixia has been preparing for her application in Rongxi for the past few days and for a moment forgot the day of the week.

She had a simple wash after waking up, changed out of her clothes, stumbled in her rush to go downstairs and bodily crushed into a figure.



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