EP – Chapter 2: Too soft to lift

“Huh?” Ning Xiaofei looked at her left hand doubtfully and mumbled, “What… what, how… the more you feel, the bigger…”

Mu Tianye’s sharp eyes behind the lenses narrowed dangerously. His eyes swept through the window, pushed the door open and dragged Ning Xiaofei out of the car. Ning Xiaofei was completely unprepared, her feet swayed and almost fell.

Assistant Zhou scurried out of the car and hurriedly chased after him, “Chief Mu!”

The man tossed out two words without turning his head.

“Book a room.”

Book… Book a room?

Zhou Assistant glanced at Ning Xiaofei and Mu Tianye and suddenly understood. He hurriedly accelerated his footsteps into the front of the hotel and opened the best bed room for him. When assistant Zhou got the room card, Mu Tianye has already dragged the drunk Ning Xiaofei through the lobby. Zhou Assistant busily helped him press the elevator open all the way to the front of the guest room to swiping the door open.

“Wait outside!”

Under two words of command, Mu Tianye pulled the drunk Ning Xiaofei into the room and kicked the door tightly with a bang.

“Hey…I’m scared!”

Being held by a man, Ning Xiaofei dazedly felt a hard object poking at her waist. She subconsciously tried to push it away with her hand. She had not touched the horrible thing yet but at the next moment, she was in the air and was thrown on a soft big bed.

She had just taken a deep breath when the man’s body pressed heavily down against hers.

The heavy weight almost stole her breath away so she unconsciously opened her lips to gasp. Before she could suck the air in, a pair of lips has claimed her lips for a kiss.

The kiss was overbearingly unreserved. The man went straight through her teeth, domineeringly entangling with the taste of wine in her tongue, and even continuously kissed immodestly with a bite, not taking pity on her.

He didn’t care about this marriage.

But this did not mean that he doesn’t care about his face. Mu Tianye’s wife has dared to play outside, if made known to others, where would he put his face?

If he doesn’t teach her well, this girl would think he is a vegetarian!

Ning Xiaofei could hardly breathe, but  she felt the heat emanating from her body searing her into flames. Her delicate skin was painful and numb from his bites and this feeling was uncomfortable.

“Pain” She struggled instinctively, trying to push the impudent man away, “Let go… Let go of me…”

Now you know how to be afraid of pain?!

What happened to her energy full bar with the strength of a cannon who not only said that he is a eunuch but also planned on making a cuckold out of him.

Pushing her hard, Mu Tianye grabbed Ning Xiaofei’s wrists and pressed them on top of her head. With the other hand, he reached over her slender chin and asked, “Say, am I, Mu Tianye, a eunuch?”

The brain that was anaesthetized by alcohol did not understand his issue, so Ning Xiaofei answered instinctively.

“You … Not you, Mu … Mu Tianye is! “

Knowing that it was her first time, the man felt a little pity but upon hearing this, that touch of mercy instantly turned into anger.

Angry and squinting, Mu Tianye unceremoniously pulled away Ning Xiaofei’s clothes under his body and completely covered her.

“Today, I’ll show you whether Mu Tianye is a eunuch or not!”




It hurts.

Headache, backache, arm pain, leg pain, body pain…

It was the only feeling that Ning Xiaofei woke up to the next morning.

She raised her finger to rub her sour eyes then she found it weak and almost too soft to lift.



6 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 2: Too soft to lift”

  1. I only took a look at this because there was a review on novelupdates that said that this was one of the rare china romance novels where the ML *wasn’t* a rapist… but apparently, that reviewer was wrong. v disappointing 0/10


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