Chapter 1: Mu, King of Hell

When Ning Xiaofei was stuffed into the car by the assistant, the man in the back seat was watching the computer screen intently. The anti-radiation glasses reflected the stock market report on the screen, and the pupils squinting behind the lenses did not glance at her even for a bit.

“You put…Let me go…” Ning Xiaofei shook off Zhou’s assistant’s arm, screwed up her eyes and glanced around drunkenly. When she saw the man sitting by the window, she immediately came up and hugged his arm. “Handsome, about… no?”

She drank too much tonight. At this time, she was already intoxicated and didn’t know who she was. There was only one obsession in her half-drunken mind – to give her husband, Mu Tianye, the green hat.

The man’s gaze remained fixed on the screen, his voice as cold as an iceberg.

“Fuck off ”

Ning Xiaofei was not discouraged, but boldly raised her palm and held the man’s face, then she leaned in front of him.

Although already drunk, Ning Xiaofei could still see the man’s face. with quite long British brows, straight nose, delicate and sexy lips tightly zipped into a straight line, sharp short hair exposing beautiful ears, exquisite jaw line…. despite the glasses covering his eyes, it still could not hide the strength and danger bred deep into his bones.

This face, so handsome, seemed a little familiar…

Unfortunately, Ning Xiaofei this drunkard, now that her nerves have become thicker than an arm, she couldn’t remember where she has seen him.

“Handsome… handsome… you… look familiar, did we… see… have we met? I… I tell you, This… I’m physically soft… good job… I’m totally dazzling… stop… it won’t stop…”

She originally wanted to say “good to be torn down”, but because her drunken tongue was stiff, it eventually became “good job.”

In the front passenger seat, assistant Zhou slammed his lips shut and did not dare lift his eyelids.

The driver was also holding his breath, holding the steering wheel and did not dare speak, for fear of getting into the bad side of the King of Hell in the backseat.

After less than a month of marriage, his young wife went to a bar for a drink and has drunk drums. No one could stand such a thing, let alone this one.


Sure enough, Ning Xiaofei had not yet finished her words, and she had already been pushed aside from the man’s slap.

Her head hit the handrail and the pain stimulated her nerves to sober up a bit. Ning Xiaofei squinted at the “handsome guy” in front of her eyes. “I don’t want to be pulled down, what’s so great, I… I will look for someone else. This old lady doesn’t believe it yet… …Tonight, I must have that dead eunuch, Mu Tianye, wear the green hat!”

Dead… Dead eunuch?!

The driver and assistant Zhou clenched their teeth and controlled their facial muscles that were about to cramp, not daring to let their faces show the slightest fluctuation in their expressions.

They didn’t hear it, they didn’t hear anything!

Ning Xiaofei reached out to push the car door. Her fingertips have just touched the door handle when her arm was caught by a tongs-like palm. With the muffled sound of the computer falling on the door, a man’s voice as cold as ice sounded.

“Who did you call a eunuch!” ”

“Leave….Leave me alone…” Ning Xiaofie was caught in pain and instinctively shook his arm. Her strength was incomparable to his so her swinging didn’t shake him off. She was pulled over by him instead and fell into his arms.

Her hand slipped down from his leg and just pressed the man somewhere. Ning Xiaofei’s center of gravity was unsteady so she instinctively grasped what was close at hand.

The tiny hand has grabbed the fatal place which tightened Mu Tianye’s back. The pupils behind the lenses narrowed dangerously. “Pull over!”




8 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Mu, King of Hell”

  1. thanks for picking up and translate this novel..pardon me translator, does NU wrongly link this to “The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife”?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Eeeeh it’s not “The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife” ah~
    Maybe translator-sama wrongly link this up with KOH?
    Sob…..sob…. i think someone pick up KOH

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  3. Hahahaha make me laugh already ……thanks for translating this novel 🙂 and the …..The Overbearing Chief Husband’s Favorite: Baby .love this novel too I can’t wait for another chapter .


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