TOCH – Chapter 48

The expression on Fang Chixia’s face couldn’t be painted. He didn’t know if it was because of the lights, but her face appeared a little red.

The seven-year-old Xiao Zuo naturally didn’t understand what he was saying and didn’t know that people would easily think dirty of his question so he was still seriously waiting for her answer.

Fang Chixia pretended she didn’t hear what he just said and forked up a piece of cake from her plate. She handed it to him trying to change the subject, “Want some?”

Xiao Zou grunted disdainfully. He raised his little chin up and proudly declared, “Only women like to eat such sweet and greasy things.”

Fang Chixia kept her mouth shut.

How old is this that everything that comes out of his mouth are all about women?

“Then wait here, I’ll get you something else.” Fang Chixia stood up and went to the self-service area.

The little devil bobbed behind her and followed her everywhere. He had all but circled her. The expression on his face remained as cool as before, but his behavior was so adorable.

While turning around her, he said, “I thought of a problem just now. Didn’t you consider it? This young master, at school, has many girls around. My popularity doesn’t lose to Yibei brother.”

Fang Chixia casted a sidelong glance at him and gave him a look of contempt, “So, your older brother is susceptible to poaching? He doesn’t mind his family digging his wall?”

She actually had already revealed her relationship with Luo Yibei, but Xiao Zuo didn’t seem to understand.

Dig a wall?

Why would he go digging?

Fang Chixia didn’t explain much. She just took some food for herself and gave him some.

Xiao Zou seemed to enjoy chatting with her. They both have been left on their own, but even with their big age gap of more that ten years, surprisingly, they were able talk for ages!

He even gave her a small purple light gadget as a first meeting gift.

Luo Yibei stood not far away, staring quietly there for a moment then turned away.

Looks like she wouldn’t be bored even if she was left unattended!

There were so many people at the banquet tonight but Fang Chixia knew no one.

After sitting with Xiao Zou for a while, he was called away by a man who was called Rong Shao by the maid.

Luo Yibei was still busy so Fang Chixia couldn’t go home early on her own so she idly walked around the garden.

Compared to the lively banquet hall, the garden was much quieter.

She wanted to find a random chair to rest for while when around the corner, a small shattered voice suddenly came. “Where? It was just here!”

It was a tiny voice, like talking to oneself.

Out of curiosity, Fang Chixia quietly followed the source of the sound.

Through the rose bushes, a slender figure has her back to her . She was bent over the ground looking for something.

That person seemed to be looking very carefully because it was dark there. The only difference was that she didn’t squat on the inch tall grass to look.

“What’s the matter?” Fang Chixia casually asked.

The back of the figure froze then she slowly lifted her face up.

The light there was so dim so she couldn’t see clearly.

The woman replied casually, “I’ve dropped a diamond necklace. I haven’t found it for a long time.”

“Let’s find it together!” Fang Chixia offered since she has nothing else to do. In the woman’s glassy eyes, her hand suddenly opened and a purple flashlight turned on.

Holding the light through the lawn nearby, she handed the necklace to her in five minutes.

The woman looked at her with admiration coupled with some surprise.

Under purple light, many natural diamonds will glow. She actually knew this!



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