Chapter 47: My name is Little Left

He circled around her and said, “Your chest is so small and your buttocks are so flat. Nothing will stick out even if you were turned upside down. You are even skinny. Which aspect did Big brother Yibei took a fancy on you?”

The thick disgusted tone, with a serious lack of understanding, did not feel like it came out from the mouth of a seven or eight-year-old child. Mk

Fang Chixia was so angry. Her hands itched to string up the little devil and flush him out in the toilet.

Her chest was quite passable, alright. She puffed her chest up then patted him on the head, “What does a child know? Luo Yibei isn’t like you. Are you still drinking milk so you like big breasts?”

She said it quite rudely and sarcastically that the little man, whose face flushed red in outrage, couldn’t hold out a word for a long time.

“All right, – Go to your mom. Big sister is hungry.” Fang Chixia didn’t’ want to continue arguing with a child so she tapped him on the shoulders and turned around to leave. But, the little devil actually followed behind her heels.

“What’s the matter? Is there anything else?” Fang Chixia sat down on a step outside the hall and her sight fell on the little face on her side.

The little man stared at her again and sat down next to her.

Fang Chixia was perplexed. At the sight of his unmentionable eyes, she was again tempted to rub him a few times.

At first, the little man was hesitant about where to start. But he opened his mouth and asked again, “What is your relationship with Big Brother Yibei?”

“Tell me your name first.” Fang Chixia placed the plate on her hand aside and changed the topic.

“My name is Xiao Zuo.” The young man replied childishly with a loud voice.

Xiao Zuo?

Xiao Zuo – if literally translated means Little Left

Fang Chixia was once again rendered speechless by him.

“Grandpa said, I can’t let myself suffer. I have just told you my name so it’s only fair to tell me yours!” Luo Zuo raised his chin up and dictated.

Hey, how old is he to be so business minded?

Fang Chixia was amused by his words. Without thinking, she turned her head back to his side and uttered, “My name is Xiao Ye.”

 Xiao Ye – Literally means Little Right

This time, the little man was dumbfounded.

His eyes were wide open and were fixed on her for a while. He looked at her with a slightly eerie look in his eyes.

This woman is a wonderful piece of work!

But, she’s fun.

Tonight was his Grandpa Luo’s birthday, so the Luo family were busy entertaining the guests. He has been left on his own for several hours.

Now that he has finally met someone interesting, his mood considerably improved. Like a child getting a beautiful toy, he was so excited but his face remained cool revealing nothing of his emotions.

He stood up and circled around her. Then he said seriously, “Looking at your figure, you are not someone brother Yibei would take a liking on. You don’t’ have to work so hard. How about this? This young master doesn’t mind you so why don’t you just follow me in the future?”

He said this with his head raised. It seems he’s a fan of domineering presidents.

“Follow you?” Fang Chixia was astounded. She looked up and down disdainfully at his little head and answered softly. “With how small you are? Perhaps, in a few years later.”

She said so casually. Who knew, the little man answered back with a, “Do you like big?”

The words were asked innocently.

The things the two were discussing were also very innocent, but, listening to this dialogue, why did it sound corrupted?


Behind them, Luo Yibei who just walked over to this side heard the tail of their conversation as soon as he came close by. The corner of his eyes crinkled and his eyes mischievously narrowed down on Fang Chixia’s face.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 47: My name is Little Left”

  1. Oh, demon lord came back. No doubt he’ll say something to make her blush. I do wonder why he brought her when they both agreed it should be a hidden marriage 9except to her family, need to tell her bro so he backs off).

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