TOCH – Chapter 46

Fang Chixia suffered last night because of that dress. She was eaten in the bathroom by Luo Yibei for so long that she was still aching everywhere.

She has a lingering fear of that dress. She didn’t want anything to happen between them tonight so she decided on the most conservative and common style in the closet. She’d better wrap herself up from head to toe.

Without doubt, the idea was plump, but reality was too skinny.

How could clothes prepared by such a fastidious man as Luo Yibei be ordinary?

There were many clothes in the wardrobe and each of them was tailor-made for her. Not only all for her, but the effect after wearing them was also something to behold.

It can also be seen from this that Luo Yibei’s understanding of her was evidently better than what she knew about him…

Fang Chixia’s selection did not meet her ideal standard and finally changed into a small aqua green dress.

She didn’t like overly complicated adornment. The dress was very simple. She also didn’t wear any jewelry and only had the usual article she often wears.

The pendant was simply a ring, black diamonds surrounded by white diamonds, simple but elegant.

After finishing out from the bathroom, Luo Yibei dimly glanced at her neck, silently staring at the ring, but said nothing.

They went downstairs and when they left the villa, it was already past six o’clock.

When they arrived at the main house of the Luo’s, it was past seven o’clock.

There were many business partners of the Luo’s in addition to Luo Xichen’s private contacts. Tonight, the guests who came to the house were extraordinarily many and rows of luxurious cars were parked at the entrance of the house.

Luo Yibei walked in with Fang Chixia but didn’t intend to introduce her so he left her to fend for herself and went to receive the guests.

Fang Chixia actually enjoyed being away from him. If he really took her to meet the Luo family, she wouldn’t know what to do.

Hungry as she was, she walked around the scene and caught a glimpse of the self-service dining area where she picked a large plateful of food for herself.

She was looking for a place to sit down so she walked outside only to bump into a tiny figure.

“Who are you?” The little man with a round and steamed bun face looked up at her. His eyes were very sharp, quite the style of Luo Yibei.

“Me, ah?” Fang Chixia gawked for a moment before squatting down to his eye level. When the little man thought she would answer his question, she just smiled and said, “You don’t know me either.”

“You haven’t said anything yet so how would I know you?” The little man tartly quipped, giving her bossy a look.

Fang Chixia was startled. She didn’t expect a little kid to be so glib.

“Then you first tell me who you are!” He was so cute that she reached out to pinch his cheeks. This however was evaded by the little man.

Oh, why is he so cool?

Fang Chixia’s outstretched hand fell into thin air. She smiled guiltily and retracted her hand. Then she heard him mutter contemptuously, “Don’t touch me. I’m still small and innocent!”

The small boy’s face was slightly distorted, and the chubby cheeks suddenly puffed up in anger.

“Well, older sister would not accompany you any longer. – Go play marbles!” Fang Chixia passed by him and wanted to go but the arrogant voice of the little devil behind her came, ” Hum, don’t think that I don’t know just because I didn’t say it. I just saw you and Yibei brother coming in together!”

A startled Fang Chixia turned her head slightly sideways.

The little man slowly moved towards her, sized her up like a piece of art for a while, then uttered words that almost made Fang Chixia go violent…



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