TOCH – Chapter 42

The next day was Saturday and Luo Yibei got up a bit late, which was rare.

Before going downstairs, the familiar noise could be heard.

His brows furrowed. He slowly walked out of the room, step-by-step towards the spiral staircase.

Halfway down the staircase, a warm yellow color hit his view.

Looking around the huge living room, the cold white walls before has been decorated with faint yellow wallpapers.

Very warm yellow, not too bright, like the hazy glow of the morning light. Just looking at it can make a person feel like being sprinkled with sunlight.

The rest of the living room was also changed by her beyond recognition. Except for the original furnishings of the furniture, basically, everything was touched by her, even one of his cups which was placed there was painted with a design he couldn’t understand.

There was also a cup next to his, doodled and painted with things that couldn’t be seen clearly.

When the two cups are placed together, they looked like a pair.

Next to that, last night, under him, who kept on screaming at him that she didn’t want anything? Then after the night, she stood tall and lively, he didn’t know if she was messing with him.

Luo Yibei’s gaze swept inch by inch through the living room, which has been altered to the point where he couldn’t recognize his own living room anymore, and took a few steps down.

“What are you doing?” His gaze turned to Fang Chixia who was standing high on a ladder, and asked coldly.

The sudden voice made Fang Chixia jump that her foot stumbled a bit. She swayed and almost slipped down from the ladder.

Holding herself steady in panic at the window next to her, she took several breathless breaths and looked at him on the ground.

“What are you doing? Can’t you make any noise when coming downstairs?”

She snapped at Luo Yibei with a loud voice.

Standing on his turf and yelling at him like this, wasn’t she afraid?!

His eyes narrowed and blazed with danger.

After her outburst, Fang Chixia felt a little embarrassed. She was afraid that this young master from childhood hadn’t had anyone who dared to roar at him.

Along with one of her movements, her body lost balance, the ladder rocked and she, who was standing on it, shook with it.

The sudden turn of events changed Fang Chixia’s complexion.

Luo Yibei, who was standing on the ground, looked at the scene without expression and had no intention of catching her.

“Help me!” Fang Chixia cried bitterly holding on to the ladder to stabilize herself but she was a step too late.

The ladder swayed a few times then it fell forward and her body was flung out.

Fang Chixia aghast, with white face closed her eyes and waited for her bottom to hit the ground. When her body was about to touch the ground, a pair of arms stretched out of thin air and took her.

Everything happened so fast that she didn’t see anything at all.

When she looked up, Luo Yibei’s face was magnified in front of her.

Fang Chixia sighed with relief, thinking that he was not really too cold.

But as soon as Luo Yibei opened his mouth, the little bubbles of gratitude that has risen in her heart were quickly washed away.

The thin lips parted and said without blinking an eyelid, “Why are you so careless? Who’s going to prepare the meals if you’re hurt? The whole house is still full of garbage waiting for you to clean up!”



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