TOCH – Chapter 39

“Noah? You mean that guy, Luo Yibei?” Fang Chixia was first startled, but soon replied.

“That guy?” The person on the other end of the line froze, but not a half second later, she went on chatting pleasantly with her. “Yeah, that’s the guy. Who are you to him?”

A smiling voice. Listening to this, Fang Chixia could imagine the other person with a crinkle in the corners of her eyes and a crescent-like smile.

“I am his…” In a word, Fang Chixia didn’t know how to answer.

Their marriage was a secret. Except for them, nobody else knew about it.

The other party likely guessed her embarrassment so she didn’t ask but changed the question, “Luo Yibei has been living in that villa these days.”

“Yeah, he has been here these days.” Fang Chixia sighed. Feeling the kindness in the other’s voice, she felt the need to answer.

“Did he just stay there and never went out?” From the tone of her voice, the person must be slightly smiling.

Fang Chixia: “…”

How should she say it?

Why is it so easy to make people get the wrong idea!

Fang Chixia realized it sounded a bit strange so she tried correcting it, “I mean, these nights, he has been here.”

Afraid that the other would think more, she lied and added, “Alone!”

“Ah, I see!” The other’s voice seemed a bit disappointed.

“Miss, may I ask if you are his…” She didn’t know what the other would ask so Fang Chixia tried to divert the topic, “Do you need me to help you tell him to call you later?”

“Forget it. Actually, I had nothing to do so I just made a call.” The female voice said indifferently. She just said a special reminder, “In a few days is his Grandpa’s birthday, let him remember to come home.”

“Okay, I’ll remember to tell him. ” Fang Chixia promised with a smile.

Just as the other person was about to hang up, another voice suddenly came through the receiver, “Zhixing, who is calling?”

The clear voice was clearly transmitted to Fang Chixia whose entire body froze on the spot.


Luo Yibei walked in from outside. Looking at her dumb expression, he stared at her suspiciously and passed by with a few steps.

“Did someone just called?”

“En.” Fang Chixia replied guiltily. She seemed to have not regained her senses yet.

“Who?” Luo Yibei asked.

Fang Chixia slowly raised her face and murmured two words, “Your mother…”

“Did you speak ill of others in her face?” Luo Yibei looked at her embarrassed face and the first thing that came to mind was what she said about Luo Xichen and him in the car this morning.

“When did I?” Fang Chixia stood up and turned to the kitchen.

She was just surprised that Sha Zhixing was such a smooth talker, and it was also a surprise that their first conversation was under such a circumstance.

After the simple meal she  hadprepared, Luo Yibei went to the study and Fang Chixia went back to the room to tidy up her clothes.

She took out the contents of her suitcase, opened the wardrobe and tried to put them in. Unexpectedly, she found that there were already many women’s wear from presents, coats, pajamas and everything inside.

Fang Chixia was surprised. She didn’t expect Luo Yibei to let people prepare these.

She wanted to pick out a pair of pajamas from the inside but was attracted by a piece next to it….



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