TOCH – Chapter 37

Such a cheap wedding ring

Fang Chixia herself didn’t care. They were not really a couple so she has no expectations of Luo Yibei.

Yanking the big bag, she continued going out of the mall when her wrist was pulled back by a cold hand.

Eyes startled turned.

“Just to avoid being told that I am abusing a minor.” He took the shopping bag out of her hand, turned his back on her and walked up to the parking lot.

Fang Chixia stood in place extremely speechless.


Where does she look underage?

“There’s still something left I didn’t buy.” She took several steps to keep up with him and stuffed a few bags into the car. Fang Chixia didn’t sit down but turned to a nearby street.

This corner was a shopping street with many large and small stores.

She intended to buy some small ornaments to decorate the living room. When she came up to a small jewelry store, her footsteps couldn’t help but stop.

It was a very small storefront, no better than the atmosphere in a high-end jewelry shop. The jewelry there were exquisitely beautiful but of no much value.

In other words, they were cheap.

Looking at her bare hands, she entered and her eyes landed quietly on the counter where the rings were displayed in the store.

“Miss, what style are you looking for?” The shop assistant greeted her cordially.

Fang Chixia approached the counter as her eyes wandered. Looking at the pair of rings inside, she finally let the assistant take out a pair of rings inlaid with zircon, “I want this!”

She took out the smaller one and put it on. Coincidentally, the size was just right so she bought the pair.

Zircon is very cheap, not as expensive as diamonds. She chose the pair, paid 500 RMB, and was done.

She didn’t mean to buy such a cheap one. It was mainly because she doesn’t have much money on her.

Luo Yibei quietly fixed his eyes on her movements outside and frowned unconsciously.

Fang Chixia wore the ring on her finger and handed the other one to him when she came out.

“What is this?” Luo Yibei looked disgusted.

Jewelry designers particularly have high appreciation of jewelry. Coupled with the genes of Sha Zhixing and Luo Xichen, the rings Fang Chixia has chosen obviously couldn’t enter his eyes.

“Wedding ring.” Ignoring his unusual look, Fang Chixia felt satisfied with the ring she has chosen.

Luo Yibei was stunned and his eyes on the ring paused for a moment.

Out of the corner of her eyes, Fang Chixia observed his impassive face. She thought that since their marriage was a secret, he wouldn’t care about these things so she added, “All were sold in pairs. You can wear yours or throw it away.”

She spoke softly with an air of indifference, as if she didn’t mind anything. Luo Yibei felt inexplicably annoyed.

“Go back, go back!” Sweeping aside his reaction, Fang Chixia proceeded in the direction of the car in a pleasant mood.

In fact, buying a wedding ring wasn’t in her list. She was just passing by when she thought of it.

She didn’t really care about these formal things, but the purpose of her marriage was to let the Fang family know that she is married. If there was no evidence, who would believe her?

Always carrying the red book with her and showing it to others when she sees them wasn’t an option, right?

Luo Yibei stood stiffly in place, his eyes fell quietly on the ring in his hand.

In addition to the cheap style of Fang Chixia’s choice, it also was of low grade. Well, the design was quite innovative at least. You couldn’t see it’s cheap.



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