TOCH – Chapter 36

A well-dressed man is not a good man.

Her cheaply earned husband is truly dazzling. Anywhere he goes, he is like a luminous body that naturally attracts everyone’s attention. People around him would unconsciously look over.

Not wanting to attract any more attention to them, Fang Chixia took several steps, pulled the car door open and got into the car, “I’m good.”

Luo Yibei’s eyes stopped on her suitcase and followed her into the car.

“I want to go to the mall first. I want to buy something. If it is on the way, send me over! If not, just drop me off at the entrance, I can do it by myself.” Fang Chixia added, placing her tiny suitcase beside her.

From beginning to end, Luo Yibei acted cool, driving his own car.

However, when passing through a large shopping mall in the ciy, he pulled over.

This was kind of him. Fang Chixia was quite surprised.

In the first place, theirs was a hidden marriage so when he came to pick her up, she didn’t think much of it and cooperated with him. Now, he has also sent her shopping, it was a bit unexpected.

Fang Chixia’s impression of him slightly improved.

It only lasted a few seconds and was beaten back by his next remarks, “What? Need me to help you get off?”

His words were laden with sarcasm. He got out and took several steps to her side looking like he’s going to carry her out in front of so many people.

Startled, Fang Chixia shrank cautiously to the side, avoiding his outstretched hand and slipped out of the car. “I’ll do it myself.”

Crossing him, she went straight to the mall.

This mall has a department store above and a structure of a large supermarket graced the lower ground.

Fang Chixia walked in on a familiar aisle while pushing a big cart. She looked here and there and picked a bunch of items Luo Yibei couldn’t understand and filled the whole cart.

Fang Chixia thought to herself that since Luo Yibei’s card is with her, who cares! She just had to swipe it. It’s his money anyway.

Luo Yibei slowly followed behind and watched from beginning to end as she tiptoed here and there. There were enough stuff shoved in the cart but her face remained stolid. His once calm face couldn’t help but smoke a bit.

Fang Chixia wasn’t actually short, about 168, but the shelves were a bit high, so she still couldn’t reach some items even on tiptoes.

Luo Yibei looked at her like a monkey jumping and jumping in front of him for a long time without even touching the items.

She doesn’t seem discouraged. She rolled her sleeves up and appeared like she wanted to continue. Luo Yibei went up a few paces and with his long hands and feet, easily took down the things above.

“Thank you.” Fang Chixia touched her nose awkwardly, pushed the trolley and went elsewhere.

The things the two bought were really a bit too much. He didn’t even know what she had bought a paint for.

At the checkout, the goods were packed in several large bags.

Fang Chixia was very petite so she struggled carrying all of them. In contrast, the long-legged man infont was empty-handed. When they walked side by side, they were the picture of a real-life version of the maid in love.

Even a lot of passersby couldn’t stand it anymore. Pointing at Luo Yibei, people chattered away, “Young people nowadays, how can this be!”

“Look at how hard the little girl is working and he doesn’t even help!”

“Yeah, look at the well-dressed one!”

Luo Yibei’s black gaze swept over the group of people on the side.

His eyes had always been very sharp so the few people who spoke froze and obediently shut their mouth.



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