TOCH – Chapter 35

What Fang Chixia doesn’t understand is why would the Young Master of Rongxi easily agree to marry her?

The thought of him coming to school today in the car and the gossip she had spouted about him and his father, her face instantly turned green.

What stupid thing did she do?

“Xia Xia, are you okay?” An An asked worriedly at the sight of her peaked face.

Fang Chixia slowly faced her, hesitating on how to open up.

After a long silence, she simply confessed, “An An, I’m married!”

An An was stunned but thought she was only kidding. “What are you talking about? Don’t tease me about this.”

“I am telling the truth!” Fang Chixia reiterated.

An An looked at her in consternation, slowly processing her words with a dull expression on her face.

She remained silent for a good while, and then the reaction came over. The decibel was raised a few points, “Married? Who did you marry? Why didn’t I hear this before?”

“I know that you are in a hurry to marry yourself off, but how can this be forced? I was just giving you advice before. But if you do get married, don’t you have to consider it seriously? What’s wrong with you Xia Xia? Did someone force you?”

She had said a lot and crackled like a machine gun, her tone filled with self-reproach and worry as well.

With An An’s straightforward character, Fang Chixia has expected such an excited reaction.

Patting her on the shoulder, she explained, “I was willing, no one forced me. I came back to school today to move my tings. I may not be staying here anymore. Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

An An was startled and looked blankly at her, she didn’t return to Earth for some time.


She actually got married…..

She needs to go back and have a cup of tea first to settle down her shock.

The two went back to their dormitory together. In the afternoon, Fang Chixia had no classes so she took a nap and then sorted her things out.

Her things were very few. There were also some household items for daily necessities. She only brought the clothes she usually wears and a suitcase was done.

An An watched her folding her clothes and suddenly asked, “Xia Xia, who is your husband?”

The hands that were packing the clothes paused and just out of the corner of her eye, she peeked at the newspaper An An was holding.

An An was holding a business newspaper. The headline of the report just happened to be Rongxi. Luo Yibei, the three words in the title were particularly eye-catching.

“I’ll tell you the next time I get a chance!” She pulled the suitcase up and stood up. She got ready to leave when her phone suddenly rang.

Reading the name of the caller, Fang Chixia was startled and picked it up.

“Come out, I’m outside!” The voice of Luo Yibei was as indifferent as ever.

“Wait for five minutes.” Fang Chixia quickly tidied up the things that had not been packed in the bed and said goodbye to An An. She dragged her suitcase and went out.

When she left the dorm, she was still uncertain of her own marriage so she took her marriage certificate and read it again.

Looking clearly at Luo Yibei’s name, she took a deep breath and put the book back in her luggage bag.

In all honesty, she still has not digested the fact that the man she had casually married was Luo Yibei. All the way out, her footsteps were a little flighty.

The evening sun was very faint and warm.

And a handsome man was leaning against the car waiting for her with his back glowing with layers of dazzling lights.



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