TOCH – Chapter 34

An An wasn’t only excited but also looked enraptured. Her voice has risen for she didn’t know how many times.

“I never thought that the prince of Rongxi was so young, golden and handsome. How many women in C city do you think have been fascinated by this kind of man?”

Fang Chixia was hungry at this time so she lowered her head and focused on putting dishes on her plate.

But the noisy voice next to her hasn’t stopped. Her claws pulled her hand and her mouth kept shouting, “You see! Look! Look at that!”

“An An, don’t be noisy!” She was so loud that Fang Chixia was having an indigestion. She wanted to drink water only to feel a hum and a rumble in her ears that seem about to explode.

“Eat well, or you won’t have your share later.” She didn’t pay attention to her anymore. Holding a piece of chicken to her mouth, an unusually magnetic voice on the TV suddenly sounded, “These new jewelry that Rongxi have launched were all from the hands of top international designers. It’s theme ‘1573’ represents multiple significances. One refers to Rong xi’s generations of love for design, and the second is…

The voice was very low, with a spring-like condensation, gorgeous like a low muted violin melody, even if it was only a voice, it brought about an indescribable sense of nobility.

Such a voice, Fang Chixia had only heard from one person.

Fang Chixia felt struck by a bolt of lightning. Her eyes stilled over to the side and looked at the handsome face shining on the TV like a natural glow. She felt completely stupid.

On the wide LCD screen, the man’s voice continued and he said several things in the middle. However, Fang Chixia who was immersed in her shock, didn’t listen to a word.

This interview was about the newly released jewelry of Rongxi, followed by a very succinct piece from Luo Yibei, and then an advertisement for this jewelry.

The background of the ad was a snow-white room with floating feathers all around.

In the quiet atmosphere, a necklace like a fluttering snowflake, slowly fell, through which, she didn’t know what special effects were used, but the thousands of feathers changed and automatically condensed in the necklace forming the numbers “1573”.

It was a very beautiful creative advertisement. The necklace itself was designed exquisitey simple but elegant. And at the end of the long advert: 1573, at a glance meant a love so deep.

For whom? How deep?

Fang Chixia wasn’t shocked at the words but at the face on the screen.

1573, 1573…..

“An An, what is his name?” Her hand pulled the woman next to her. Fang Chixia only felt her voice seemed distant, as if floating from outer space.

“What? Have you lost your soul? Is there a point?” Ann couldn’t resist criticizing her.

Fang Chixia ignored her criticisms and shook her a few times, “What is his name?”

An An got dizzy with her shaking. She clapped her hands and in a wailing voice exclaimed, “Luo Yibei Ah! Don’t you even know that?”

This time, the expression on Fang Chixia’s face immediately solidified.

She really didn’t know….

Was that why she met him outside Rongxi’s building yesterday?

Why didn’t anyone tell her who he was?

Fang Chixia was so frightened that her mind became a bit chaotic.

On the way back, like a wandering soul, her mind remained floating in the air.



6 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 34”

  1. I started reading this and I was like, “I feel so bad for her, not even recognizing this big boss, while he’s over here thinking that she’s a gold digger with motives.” Lol She’s gonna be spiritless for a while~~ Thanks for translating this and I shall look forward to more interactions between the two. 😀


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