TOCH – Chapter 29

The so-called marriage.

Moreover, they may not see each other except in bed. She was still as free as before marriage and she has nothing to lose!

And besides, being married would at least not give her the kind of oppression she suffered when she lived with the Fang’s.

With more thoughts about it, Fang Chixia felt much more relaxed.

Holding a towel, she was preparing to dry her arms when the door was suddenly pushed open, then Luo Yibei’s face followed in.

Fang Chixia was startled. She sat down instantly like she was injected with chicken blood, “Why did you come in?”

“You haven’t come out for so long. I came in to check and see if you need any help.” Luo Yibei leaned against the door and reasoned out without blinking an eye.

“I don’t need you, go out first!” Fang Chixia demanded.

“Why? Does it matter?” Luo Yibei continued without moving a step.

Fang Chixia was again rendered speechless.

Indeed, there are married, why does it matter?

Luo Yibei surveyed her soundlessly then closed the door with his hand.

The bathroom was a bit foggy.

Most of Fang Chixia’s body was covered by the rose petals only exposing her neck above the water. Seaweed-like long hair were beautifully spread out freely, fluttering with the ripples in the water.

Few strands of hair were clinging in her collarbone under her neck. With her skin very white, the black and white intertwined conjured an image of a watercolor painting. The beauty was completely natural, but the visual impact was very strong.

Such creamy skin with a few droplets of water looked as fresh as the clear water on a blooming lotus.

Luo Yibei gave her the eye with his eyes darkening.

He was not a man without self-control. In such a high position as the CEO of Rongxi, there were few women who tried to get close to him but they didn’t arouse the slightest bit of reaction from him.

Fang Chixia was a surprise!

“Let’s wash together!” He took few steps forward and stepped straight in.

His movements were a bit big stirring up a great splash.

The bathtub wasn’t small. But after adding him in, Fang Chixia felt crowded.

She instinctively crawled out of the bathtub. After taking a step out, her wrist was actually caught by him, and then, along the way —-

Fang Chixia stumbled and fell on him.

Two distinct body temperatures, on collision, felt much like ice and fire. Both of them were stunned and froze. Fang Chixia pushed him on reflex, “Luo Yibei, don’t…”

“Don’t what?” Luo Yibei asked knowingly. With his long arm around her waist, the other swooped around her and turned her sideways. With their positions reversed, he leaned her against the bathtub wall.

“Wait a minute, just you wait…” Fang Chixia was dodging around with her hands propped up on his chest. She pushed him reflexively.

Luo Yibei, who had been called to stop several times tonight, wasn’t pleased anywhere at all. He glowered at her very sharply making Fang Chixia feel as if a knife has shot through her body. He gave the impression of not taking anything into account and immediately give her an ugly death if she dared utter one more word.

He just stared at her for some time then sneered, “Miss Fang, are you nervous? Did you think that marriage is a matter of putting two names and heads together in a red book, and it’s over?”

He didn’t forget how she was on their first night. She laid on his shoulders with wild vigor, scratched him and gave him all sorts of bites. She even cooperated with him several times.

Injected with chicken blood – to be very excited or energetic

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