TOCH – Chapter 28

The obligation to say “Yes”

She prepared this meal only to celebrate her release from the long years of entanglement with Fang Rong.

But, in Luo Yibei’s eyes, this was not clearly the case.

She got a certificate with him, singing and celebrating and also with a candlelight dinner, her mood was that good?

Fang Chixia knew he would think too much of it. Satisfied with her own arrangement, she looked at him, “Okay.”

Luo Yibei walked over without any expression, pulled back a chair and sat down.

The dinner was very casual but she was still a bit afraid of him. So while eating, she kept on peeking at him.

Luckily, Luo Yibei said nothing till the end of dinner.

A person like him would be much more difficult to understand because he was a man of few words.

Leaving that aside, when she came to this villa, she didn’t have the kind of restraint in the Fang family. She didn’t have to guard against anyone at any time.

The dinner ended at half past eight. It was still early.

“Well, what you wanted to do is done, now it’s time to do mine!” Luo Yibei picked her up again and went upstairs as soon as the utensils were put aside.

“Wait, wait!” Fang Chixia didn’t expect him to be so direct. He looked like a man in a hurry after a long period of abstinence. Studying his face, she suddenly felt overwhelmed in his arms….

“What? Regret?” Luo Yibei caustically raised his brows and looked at her.

The one who proposed marriage was her. And before the voice of the person who presided at the wedding fell, she was the one who promised to do her duty as a wife. What is this now?

Playing hard to get?

“I, I…” Fang Chixia felt agitated and her eyes unknowingly betrayed her tension. She composed herself and calmly stated, “I want to take a shower first.”

Luo Yibei’s stared darkly at her for some time, his eyes filled with deep dissatisfaction. However, after carrying her to the room, he still let her loose.

Fang Chixia sighed with relief. Her eyes swept around the room and when she saw the direction to the bathroom, she rushed in.

The door was slammed with a “bang!”

The bathroom in Luo Yibei’s room was very large. The space was similar to the bedroom. It also has everything, from the bath towel to the shower gel, all were in pairs.

Fang Chixia quietly looked at the lady’s essential oils placed at the edge of the bathtub. She wasn’t sure if these were here before or Luo Yibei had people prepare them temporarily after they got their license.

But, what’s the difference?

What if these were before? Whoever has been here has nothing to do with her.

She filled the large bathtub with warm water and poured a few drops of essential oil in it. She also sprinkled all the rose petals placed in a small basket in the water.

– Everything was ready so Fang Chixia laid down comfortably.

Their certificate has been obtained for several hours but she actually hasn’t come around their marriage yet. At this time, she was still a bit dazed.

She really just got married!

Falling in love, getting engaged and getting married; Things that other people might not be able to figure out for a few years, she went through all the processes in just a few minutes.

After some self-reflection, Fang Chixia felt that she had done herself an injustice.

But again, what does it matter?

In fact, when she thinks about it, there was nothing wrong with getting married.

Theirs was a hidden marriage. She didn’t have to spend time and energy dealing with his social circle and they wouldn’t interfere with each other.



7 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 28”

      1. same. most people that prioritize the whole ideal love/marriage over the benefits in her situation are the one’s I’d say are “only 18–not surprising.” She was purely business in this deal xD and I hope ML will get over himself soon. I mean I understand he’s qualified to be conceited but still man, can’t you read her eyes she’s got nothing for you (yet).

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