TOCH – Chapter 26

Married, Just like that.

Two little red books were soon in their hands.

Fang Chixia was still out of it until they got out of the Bureau.

She just married herself off!

For a person who didn’t even have a boyfriend yesterday but suddenly gained a husband the next day, anyone in the same situation would feel some difficulty adapting to it.

But on second thoughts, what does it matter?

It was just a hidden marriage. The only difference between being married and unmarried was that there would be one more person by the bed when she wakes up every day, nothing more.

He does his, she does hers, and the two people would not interfere with each other. Married is equal to unmarried.

Before receiving their certificates, Fang Chixia still didn’t know Luo Yibei’s name.

She couldn’t help opening the book to have a peek after she got hers.

Luo Yibei….

Luo Yibei…

Looking at the three words next to her name, she silently engraved them in her heart.

Since they will be living together for the next four years, she should at least remember the names right.

Today was the day of their marriage, without any wedding arrangement, no wedding bouquet, or even a witness around.

Two people got married just like that!

The car slowly traveled on the road. Where they were going, Fang Chixia has no idea.

Realizing the problem, she asked casually, “What are we going to do later?”

The speed of the man driving slowed down. A handsome face that can make a woman’s salivary glands exuberant turned and lazily quipped, “Ah, The marriage bed!”

He said that in a very loose tone, clear and cold, but the words he said let people feel like it would be fun.

Fang Chixia was stumped for words. She silently turned her eyes out of the window.

When she offered to marry him, she was not naïve to think that they could each have one side of the bed every day or sleep separately in different rooms.

Fang Chixia has long been mentally prepared for this.

She has already given him her first time. The second time, the third time, would just be like a few dog bites more.

Luo Yibei drove her straight back to the seaside villa before. Dinner wasn’t even ready. She was about to take the door when he beat her to it. He picked her up and continued upstairs.

“Wait! Wait a minute!” Fang Chixia’s hands were propped up on his chest, preventing him from moving.

Luo Yibei looked at her with his eyebrows raised and waited for her next words.

Fang Chixia’s eyes flashed and her lashes fluttered down, “I want to have dinner first.”

What she had in mind was that whether it was a real marriage or a figurative one, their names were really on the red books.

She finally got off the hook. Shouldn’t she celebrate? Celebrate that she got rid of an annoying entanglement as she wished, at the expense of giving her body to a man for the next four years!

She was actually a little nervous and didn’t want to go back to the room so soon.

After she blurted the words out, she waited in trepidation afraid that he wouldn’t agree. Fortunately, Luo Yibei just hesitated but eventually released her.

“I’m going to prepare dinner!” Fang Chixia was relieved. Earlier, she had a paralyzed look on her face. Her expressions were more animated when she ran to the kitchen.

Luo Yibei stared at the direction she disappeared for a while. Initially, he wanted to stay alone, sit on the sofa and so on.

But, the thought of her face, those vivid facial expressions, made his feet make way towards the direction she departed….



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