Chapter 24: My only condition.

Luo Yibei looked indifferently at her figure that was growing closer. The bottom of his eyes were without the slightest ripple.

Things that he wanted have never escaped his hands!

Fang Chixia came straight to him, opened the door and got in. Her eyes turned to the car driven by Fang Rong, “I want to leave here first!”

Luo Yibei, this time, didn’t respond. He drove out of Rongxi International and instead of speaking in the car, he headed off to his own personal villa.

Fang Rong just watched the two people leaving in the car with an indescribable look on his face, his eyes wide open.

Is Fang Chixia really involved with him?

He wanted to chase after them, but, considering the power gap between the Fang’s and the Luo’s, all the impulse was unwillingly held back.

The House of Luo was not a family the Fang’s can afford to provoke!

The white sports car where Fang Chixia was drove slowly on the road, passing through some scenery, then finally stopping at a quiet seaside villa.

Luo Yibei got off first and looked behind him but he didn’t speak.

Fang Chixia knew he was telling her to get off. She hesitated a bit but eventually followed him out.

They walked in tandem, went across the cobblestone path of the villa’s garden, and finally entered the hall of the main house.

Luo Yibei lazily sat at the center of the sofa, stared at her without any expression and waited for her to speak first.

Fang Chixia appeared fighting with herself. She bowed her head and stayed silent for a good while then slowly went forward and stood firm in front of him. Her face lifted up, “Your conditions that day, I accept!”

Her eyes glistened and fixed on him, “But, please promise me one condition.”

“Miss Fang, it seems you’ve forgotten what I said that day.” Luo Yibei replied sarcastically as he coldly looked at her, his thin lips raised smugly.

He reminded her that after her refusal that day, if she ever went back, he wouldn’t be so easy to talk to!

Fang Chixia’s face reddened. Luo Yibei thought she would turn her head haughtily away as she had done the previous time, but she made a move that completely surprised him.

Her body slowly leaned towards him and clasped his body close. She then wrapped her arms around his neck, pulled down his face, and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips.

This was a flattering action, but there was nothing technical about it. It even seemed laden with some confusion.

Such a jerky move however, turned the man’s eyes dark. A long arm wrapped around her waist and reflexively turned her back on the sofa, wanting to continue.

No action has been taken yet, but, Fang Chixia suddenly recalled the matter at hand. They haven’t talked about anything and the purpose of her trip hasn’t been reached yet. So, the body that leaned above her was pushed away.

Luo Yibei’s desire was dampened. He looked at her in displeasure and went back to continue but Fang Chixia quickly wriggled out under his body.

“Wait, the agreement, you first listen for me to finish my terms!”

A line appeared on Luo Yibei’s forehead. He leaned back on the sofa then coldly fixed her with a stare waiting for her to continue, “Say!”

Fang Chixia raised her face, her clear eyes looked at his familiar ones. She inhaled and exhaled for several times and slowly added her own terms, “My only condition is that you and I get married!”


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