TOCH – Chapter 23

Let’s get married!

Luo Yibei’s eyes bore into her for some time, eyes cold as if they could trigger off the wind. “You may choose not to accept it, but I’m not a relief agency. The next time we meet, I may not be so good!”

“Sorry, I refuse!” Fang Chixia didn’t even hesitate. She returned the agreement and the gold card to him.

Right now, her body still completely belongs to her. She didn’t want to lose her last dignity.

Fang Chixia simply turned, straightened her back, and walked out of the box without even looking back.

Luo Yibei quietly looked at the gold card in his hand with the warmth left by her palms, his eyes deepened a bit more.

He didn’t believe she wouldn’t come back to him. It would just be a matter of time.

For more than two decades, he has never lost a bet!


After Fang Chixia went back, she didn’t take Luo Yibei’s words seriously. Her life still continued as it was. Everyday, she went to and fro from school to her dorm. She refused to even think about that thing.

At present, she really feels a need for someone’s help, and if she could, she meant to move out from the Fang’s and never go back.

As long as she could get rid of Fang Rong’s entanglement, it doesn’t matter if she gets married.

What she couldn’t accept was being someone else’s mistress.

Marriage and being a kept woman were two completely different things. At least for the former, her dignity would still be there.

Fang Chixia didn’t come out for five days after returning to school. This weekend, she has an interview. She’s going to a company named Rongxi International to apply for a part-time job.

It is a large jewelry design company with operations in Asia and Europe and designs magnificent and ethereal jewelry. It was said to have custom-made orders from some of the world’s most famous people, including members of the royal families.

She got off the bus at the vicinity of the company. She just wanted to go in the direction of Rongxi International but a black sports car stopped right in front of her with a “swoosh”.

Fang Chixia was startled at first. She leaned slightly sideways.

“Long time no see, Xia Xia!” The car window was lowered and Fang Rong’s face poked out.

“What are you doing here?” Fang Chixia looked at him in astonishment, the bones in her spine turned cold.

Enemies on a narrow road indeed! She went out and forgot to check her yellow calendar today!

She unconsciously stepped back, span around and started to run.

Fang Rong snorted and followed her with the car.

Fang Chixia was on foot while the other behind was driving a car. The speed was totally incomparable.

Even when she was running, her eyes could still see the shadow of the car behind and their distance between them was getting closer and closer.

Fang Chixia suddenly panicked.

What should I do?

What to do?

Not far away, on the streets outside Rongxi building, a white sports car slowly drove into the company’s parking lot, but, as if noticing something, it quickly backed out.

The man in the car looked in the direction of the two people and caught a glimpse of the scene. He pursed his lips in derision. He did nothing but just sat there looking coldly in the car.

Fang Chixia was sharp-eyed and noticed the man in the car. Her eyes stilled and she slowly stopped running at once.

Is this fate?

Whenever she was in danger, she would always meet him!

Both held each other’s gaze across the distance of a few meters. Fang Chixia placidly looked at him struggling with herself. Her eyes flashed for a moment and she suddenly started towards his car —-



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