TOCH – Chapter 21

What I’ve touched, I don’t like others touching it

Luo Yibei’s speed was fast, straightforward, hard and with domineering awesomeness.

The superb footwork made the people in the room gawk, then all guns were pointed at him.

“Who the hell dares…” The man who didn’t pick up the gun smashed a cup and stood up wanting to fight back. However, upon seeing the indifferent striking handsome face, all words suddenly failed to come out.

What a familiar face…

Where had he seen it?

The man froze for a moment then reacted slightly, as if his head had been struck heavily by something, his eyes shrank in horror.

“Bei, Bei young master…”

– An honorific title, let the rest in the room look at Yibei. The hands holding the guns pointed at him trembled, then all the guns were put away.

The reason why others do not dare provoke the Luo family was not only because of its strong family background, but also because of its black and white unknown identity.

It was not only rumors that several major families in C city were all integrated into the Luo family. There was also the legend that the Luo family and the largest gang in Asia and Europe have a close relationship!

Who would dare provoke such a background, unless he doesn’t want to live in the country!.

Fang Chixia watched the scene quietly and her brows lightly wrinkled.

Master Bei?

“Master Bei, this little Yanzhou has got a faulty vision, please, this way please!” The man’s attitude had taken a 180 degrees change. He immediately carried a flattering face and gave up his position to Luo Yibei.

Luo Yibei went without expression, leaned back lazily on the chair, took a gun in his hand, played with it and in a careless voice said, ” I am man and I’ve got this little issue. What I’ve touched, I don’t like it being touched by anyone!”

After a pause, his eyes suddenly turned to the man who had been prepared to start towards Fang Chixia.

The man was swept away by his icy glare and felt chills down his spine. He panicked to explain himself, ” I have not touched anything, really! If I had known that the girl, no, knew that the young lady was your person, this little one would have never trespassed, absolutely!”

Fang Chixia trembled at the man’s words.

What did he mean his person?

Only once alright, can you call the other person yours?

In this case, though, she said nothing even though her heart had disagreed 100, 000 times over.

Luo Yibei seemed content with the man’s response. He took the gun in his hand and stood up suggesting he wanted to leave.

He had spoken and didn’t believe this group would dare lay a hand on Fang Chixia!

A shootout that was supposed to be on the verge of erupting, with his appearance, not even a shot was taken but a bloodbath was also defused.

“Wait, let’s go together!” Fang Chixia saw that he was leaving and looking at the room with a group of vicious people, she went after him in extreme fright.

Luo Yibei walked in front, his pace appeared slow, but actually very quick. One step took Fang Chixia several steps.

“Thank you just now.” Fang Chixia tagged after him closely. After a few paces, she casually asked, “But, how did you just happen to be outside?”

“Did you think it was all a coincidence?” Lou Yibei’s face tilted slightly, glancing at her. His lips twitched in derision, “What? Did you think I was following you?”

In her heart, Fang Chixia actually thought so.

With what he said though, it must be her thinking more.

The two people walked a little further when the figure in front suddenly stopped.

Fang Chixia wasn’t paying attention so her body hit his and her face crashed into his back

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