TOCH – Chapter 19

First time being played

He looked at her in contempt and his eyes were filled with great irony.

Especially when he saw the seductive and flirtatious slogan on the box, “Fall in love and subvert all kinds of experiences.”

“It has nothing to do with you!” Fang Chixia struggled several times for him to release her hands without success. She suddenly lifted her knee and slammed it into his crotch.

Luo Yibei took two nimble steps back. Her leg nearly touched him but he let go of her arm and took hold of her leg instead.

Fang Chixia took advantage of his hand going down, turned her eyes and snatched what was in his hand.

Her movement was swift. His hand had only just been lowered down when she snatched the box.

Luo Yibei froze, immediately realizing her intention.

She was playing tricks on him?

“You’ve been fooled!” Fang Chixia carefully hid the box in her hand behind her, retrieved her leg and moved backward with the corner of her lips upturned.

She actually did it on purpose.

She was not interested in attacking him. She just wanted him to put his hand down and take the opportunity to take her stuff back.

Any man in the same situation would have reacted the way he did just now, right?

Luo Yibei narrowed his eyes and stared at her calmly. Looking at the cunning eyes after her trick succeeded, the corner of his eyes jumped a bit.

Very good! This was his first time being played.

Fang Chixia came here to work and there were still a lot of things left undone. There was no time left to linger there.

“I’ll get busy first. I’m out of time!” Dropping a few words behind, she spanned around and left along the opposite direction where Fang Rong has just vanished to.

Luo Yibei quietly watch her leave, his eyes twisting the box TT in her hands as the degrees in his eyes dropped bit by bit cold enough to form ice.

Running to a place like the Imperial Palace to work and carrying something so awkward with her all the time, if he had not felt her hymen giving way and the blood left behind on the sheets that night, he would have thought he had been deceived by her looks.

After Fang Chixia left, she first sent the thing to the VIP room instructed by the manager, then went to another room with a few cocktails in tow.

When she pushed open the door, there were many people in the room, men and women. A few men with guns seemed to be doing business while a dark muzzle was pointed at her. There were one or two men hugging some women, totally inappropriate for children.

With a gun facing her, Fang Chixia was scared stiff and momentarily froze as her blood run cold.

She has always known that the Imperial Palace was a mixed bag, but she was still shocked to see it with her own eyes.

Petrified as she was, she still managed to maintain her composure well.

She didn’t scream like an average girl would, or her legs turned jelly because of fright that she didn’t know where to go. Instead, she walked in cautiously with her head down.

She pressed her face very low and before she came to substitute at the Imperial palace, she had formulated plans on how to cope with all sorts of situations.

In a place as the club, there would be many unruly guests and she did so to avoid suffering herself.

“These are some cocktails, please enjoy!” She politely took out the wineglasses and placed them in front of the several people. Fang Chixia turned around to leave when one of the men, whether intentional or not, stretched his legs out.

Fang Chixia wasn’t able to avoid it. She tripped and fell on the floor in discomfiture.



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  1. thankyou for the chapters waiting for more i wish that her first time didn´t make her pregnant like in other novel ,well let wait and see the nex chapter so please continue translating until the end

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