Chapter 17: A little louder

Her reaction was quick and her strength was a little strong that the man, who had been overtaken by her, retreated several steps in succession, holding her against the wall behind him.

Luo Yibei just came out of the VIP room when he was slammed and pushed again. His eyes cold, he reflexively clasped her wrist in the act of throwing her aside, but recognizing Fang Chixia, he was slightly stunned.

“Help me!” Fang Chixia made a hushing gesture, looking up at his big face with her eyes flickering in anxiety.

Her voice was so low and she seemed out of sorts. Her eyes kept wandering about and he has no idea what worried her.

Luo Yibei was taken aback for he didn’t expect to meet her here.

His eyes slid slowly down her face and looked her up and down for a while. When he took sight of the uniform she was wearing, his brows snapped together.

The Imperial Palace was a superior venue that combines a variety of recreational facilities, bars, restaurants, billiards, bowling and many more.

The uniforms also vary according to the needs of different occasions.

What Fang Chixia was wearing is a small black dress with no vulgar exposure, but the skirt was very short. Hence, a pair of white and slender beautiful legs were exposed in the air, with vitality and youth.

Luo Yibei’s eyes bored into her, his eyes narrowed and his indifferent tone inadvertently reflected a trace of imperceptible sharpness, “You came to accompany the wine?”

Startled, Fang Chixia felt embarrassed. She gathered the skirt awkwardly and took care of the chest of the dress. Uncomfortably, she refuted, “Who is coming to accompany the wine? I’m just doing a part-time job for someone else.”

She didn’t come to accompany the wine, but her explanation was rather lacking.

It’s not that she can’t stand to reason. It’s just that she was already in such a place. Explaining in words may not necessarily sound believable.

“Really?” Luo Yibei’s lips evoked a touch of mockery, and didn’t know whether to believe her words.

At the other end of the hallway, a few hurried footsteps suddenly echoed. It bore the resemblance of two men heading in the same direction.

Fang Chixia’s heart was beating fast. She looked up and asked again, “Help me!”

Her eyes were strained and the hands clutching Luo Yibei’s clothes pulled one fold after another from a piece on his chest. With Bambi-like eyes pleading at him like this, Luo Yibei’s felt like his heart was gently scratched by something.

In Fang Chixia’s gaze, one arm hooked around her waist and twisted her around in a flash. He held her down pinned against the wall behind her.

His stature was much taller than hers that the change in their position was just enough to cover her up completely.

In the hallway, the footsteps leading to this side continued, confused and hasty, and there seemed to be several others.

Fang Chixia cooperated with Luo Yibei thinking that he just wanted to conceal her.

When the sound of footsteps gradually approached, Luo Yibei’s face suddenly went to her ear and bit her earlobe.

“Ah~” Fang Chixia was sensitive so she shivered. She was caught unprepared and the low-pitched grunt blurted out.

She swung her fists to hit him but Luo Yibei steered her hands over to his shoulders.

– With one hand around her, and the other hand playing tricks pinching her, he demanded, “A little louder.”

Fang Chixia, “…”


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