TOCH – Chapter 14

I will slowly pay you back later

Fang Chixia hated to admit this cruel reality, but the fact remains.

She doesn’t want to continue arguing with him anymore. Her fingertips fondled the necklace around her neck and stayed silent for a while. Her eyes slowly lifted up, “Send me out of here first. As long as you leave here, you can drop me off anywhere. As for the fare, you already know I can’t afford such car fee. But I will slowly pay you back later!”

Her eyes were flashing and were almost begging.

Luo Yibei saw here stroking that necklace. He thought she would mortgage the necklace,  but didn’t expect her to say just so a few words.

His eyes stilled and a glimpse of surprise filled them.

After a moment’s silence, his eyes turned to the driver in front, then with a faint voice, ordered “Drive!”

Fang Chixia sighed in relief and knew she had convinced him. She calmed down and sliently looked out the window.

Over the side of her head, Fang Rong, who had been facing the other side turned around.

When his eyes landed on Fang  Chixia, the car was already driving right past him. His posture was still very arrogant and stance was still haughty.

Fang Rong looked on as the tail of the car disappeared carrying his prey. His face turned black….


Luo Yibei drove Fang Chixia directly to her school and watched her enter the school gate. He didn’t leave immediately but turned to the bodyguard in his sight, “Go back and help me check out the situation in the Fang family.”

“All right, young master”, answered the man. The black Rolls-Royce drove slowly back on the dusty road, passing through a beautiful landscape and finally pulled over at the door of a quiet villa.

“Luo young master, you’re back.” The servant who was standing outside stepped forward and respectfully opened the door for him, then humbly stood aside.

Luo Yibei got off then his eyes sight of a car parked beside his.

The familiar license plate made him frown.

The sound of a door being swung back resonated throughout the garden’s cobblestone path, and before entering the house, an expected voice rung out, “Uncle Xichen, how can Noah do this?”

A very delicate female voice sounding somewhat immature can be heard from afar. The sound appeared high-pitched because of anger.

Noah is Luo Yibei’s nickname. When he was a child, Mrs. Luo,  Sha Zhixing named him so, and only those closest to him would call him that.

Luo Yibei walked in without any expression, his eyes faintly brushing at the faces of the people inside the house. Finally, he looked at Ji Ai sitting beside Luo Xichen.

“You are back!” Luo Xichen greeted him. He seemed to be having a headache as he rubbed his temples. He looked at him from head to toe for a while then directly pushed Ji Ai to him, “She’s yours!”

He stood up, casually tidied up the folds of his clothes, turned then went upstairs.

As soon as he left, Ji Ai’s emotions collapsed.

“Who was that woman last night? Why was she there? Noah, have you been with her…? And she…”

Luo Yibei closed his eyes knowing that he should give some comfort, but he replied devoid of any emotion, “Yes.”

– One word, simple and direct.

Ji Ai looked at him foolishly as tears quickly trickled down her face.



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  1. thankyou for the chapter and probably this ji ai girl is the responsable of his door room not behind locked because she probably wanted him to take her to bed and marry her .. well sorry girl the destiny go for Fang Chixia

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