TOCH – Chapter 12

Doing everything to please

She wasn’t drunk last night. She was just drugged so basically, she remembers what happened between them.

When he shot that back, all the hot and heavy images of last night came running through her mind like a slow-motion film.

In the dark, entwined with each other, she had bitten him several times refusing to give up. She ended up taking the initiative to climb him. His hot dripping sweat splattered on her body, similar to little sparks, burning her skin with heat….

Those feelings were still very clear, as if it had just happened. Recalling everything now, her face couldn’t help but heat up.

Fang Chixia was rendered speechless for a short while. Feeling embarrassed, she defended herself, “I was drugged!”

Luo Yibei snorted, turned and went straight to the bathroom.

Fang Chixia also did not leave, doesn’t want to leave, and has no courage to walk out here.

As soon as he entered, she immediately followed in.

Lou Yibei started to undress, ready for a shower.

At the corner of his eyes, he saw her coming in. His brows slightly rose, “What? You want to be together?”

Who is going to be with you?

“You wash first, I will go out immediately.” She turned around and helped him close the bathroom door. Fang Chixia stood at the doorway listening to the slow sound of shower inside, coming up with excuses for him to take her out later.

However, after racking her brains for a while, she couldn’t find one acceptable reason.

She didn’t know Luo Yibei at all and if she were to follow him, would he think she has other intentions against him?

Fang Chixia knew it wasn’t appropriate to do this but thinking of Fang Rong, she insisted on staying outside the bathroom waiting for Luo Yibei to come out. She even changed her clothes while waiting.

Luo Yibei probably stayed inside for about ten minutes. When he came out again, he was a bit stunned to find her still there.

“Do you need breakfast? I’ll order it for you.” Fang Chixia pretended to walk to the landline and made a call to the front desk.

Luo Yibei watched her back and his brows rose again.

Is she trying to please him?

Fang Chixia was trying to please him alright. Simply so he would take her downstairs with him.

Who knew, Luo Yibei wasn’t appreciative?

“No need!” He threw her two little words, headed to the bed, picked up his clothes on the ground, didn’t shy away from her presence, and in front of her, took off his bathrobe then immediately changed.

After putting on his clothes, he turned in her direction wondering why she was still in the room, “What’s the matter?”

Fang Chixia considered how to speak with him silently.

As if she had spoken, Luo Yibei’s lips twitched and sneered, “Still not satisfied with last night? Need to experience it again?”

What he said was an obvious tease, and the more he talks, the more shameless he turned out to be.

Afraid he would become more vocal, Fang Chixia smiled guiltily and changed the topic.  “Are you leaving? I’ll open the door for you.”

She opened the door slowly and carefully, then cautiously looked out.

Understanding immediately dawned on Luo Yibei at the sight of her subtle movements, but he didn’t expose anything.

This woman doesn’t look stupid but also knows how to use him!

Walking out nonchalantly, Luo Yibei headed for the elevator.



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