TOCH – Chapter 6

Fang Chixia

Lou Yibei looked at her blankly, watched her climb over the guardrail, watched her inhale ceaselessly, and even looked at her hands loosened on the guardrail, silent as the black eyes of the sea, without the slightest ripple.

Until the moment Fang Chixia’s body was about to fall off the guardrail, something around her neck swayed with her movements, and a ray of light then refracted  —-

It was a very special light, black and white intertwined, like the alternating night and day, bright, bringing to mind the whole starry sky!

Lou Yibei was startled. His body, resembling a cheetah, swiftly flew to her side and caught her hand before her body fell down.

The whole of Fang Chixia was hanging outside the guardrail. He didn’t expect her to do such an action suddenly. His head raised stiffly, and his eyes brimmed with surprise.

Lou Yibei stood inside the guardrail, one hand holding her hand. This action didn’t seem strenous for him while his face remained impassive.

“Name!” Staring at her neck, he didn’t seem to have any plans of pulling her up immediately.

Fang Chixia has a necklace around her neck, very simple in style, with a black cord as a chain, and a ring pendant.

The very beautiful ring featured a man’s style, two circles of rare tiny black diamonds studded with dense rows of white diamonds in the middle, with pure and impurity-free texture and good cutting process. It looked very valuable

Fang Chixia was taken aback by him again and didn’t understand what was going on.

Did her name has something to do with him saving her?

“Name!” She didn’t know if it was deliberate but Luo Yibei loosened his hold.

“No!” Terror overtook Fang Chixia’s face. Her two hands clutched his in panic then in a flurry tightened her hold, “Pull me up first!”

She had no choice but to jump. But now that it seems he would help her, a person who doesn’t climb his big tree is a fool.

“I don’t have much patience!” Lou Yibei clearly doesn’t accept any room for bargaining. Removing one of her hands forcibly, he loosened her wrist again.

Fang Chixia was so scared that she blurted out, “Chixia, Fang Chixia!”

Xu Fang Cheng Chi, in the midst of the summer of your life, was the origin of her name.

Luo Yibei slowly savored her name and his cold indifferent face, unconsciously softened some.

Fang Chixia….

Hanging outside, Fang Chixia in such state was really uncomfortable.

After waiting for like ages, she didn’t wait for him to pull her up. Her wrist twitched in his hand and tried to make a meager effort to climb. Luo Yibei glared at her hand and suddenly forced her up —-

Fang Chixia, identical to a kite flying off the line, was dragged to the balcony. Her body crashed into his arms, then together, they fell heavily on the floor behind them.

Fang Chixia has not yet recovered from the crash. Lying on his body, her breathing came in gasps.

The medicinal properties of the drug was still working in her body. Coupled with the emotional ups and downs, her breathing became even more disordered.

The hot-burning breath and the faint touch lingering on Yibei’s neck, felt itchy, crisp and numb which let the man, who before had no slightest reaction, feel a wave of hot blood rushing straight to his lower abdomen.

She has a very fragrant smell with a hint of fresh floral scent. He didn’t know what flowers they were but it was very subtle.

It wasn’t like any artificial flavor, it was more natural….

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